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Ebenezer Through The Decades
 1930's - In the 1930's Ebenezer was struggling for survival, but in spite of the financial difficulties, there was always a constant loving program of outreach and evangelism. Even in those early days there were regularly scheduled visits to prisons, nursing homes, the Home for the Aged, and mental institutions.
1940's - Ebenezer was dedicated free of debt as a result of the sacrifice of the members and the dedication of Pastors G.E. Peters and F.L. Bland. This was a time for rejoicing and relaxing. When Elder M.A Burgess came to pastor in 1945, the youth of the church became his special focus. The youth of those days remember when Ingathering was fun.
1950's - During the pastorate of Elder W.A Thompson the youth were more involved than ever before. There were a youth church called "Church of Tomorrow" which was responsible for the entire Sabbath service once a month. There was also three choirs giving regular service. The Senior Choir, a young adult choir "The Aeolians", and a younger group called the Chapel Choir. The ushers were Elder Thompson's special project.
1960's - These were the years of change. Minor renovations were made and an air conditioning system was installed. The Pathfinder program was started for Junior Youth. The Treble Choir began for children ages 7-14 and a flute ensemble for a similar group. Elder J.H. Lester  was known as the "visiting pastor." He was always there during trouble, illness, or death. Elder J. Milton Thomas designed a new, shorter service and Elder A.R. Jones started two new churches.
1970's - Elder D.B. Simons instituted a new building committee. Elder Charles Cheatham was an interim pastor until Elder Melvyn Hayden came. Elder Hayden was the "preaching" pastor whose eloquence won many souls to Christ. The Ebenezer Choir began its now notable Sabbath presentation of Handel's "Messiah". This is an annual event that takes place near the Christmas week and is presented as the main feature of the worship ser-vice. The Ebenezer Choir was  especially loved by Elder Hayden.
1980's - Elder Charles Cheatham came a second time to pastor Ebenezer. In 1982, he baptized 109 persons and was the Pastor of the Year in Allegheny East. Elder Charles Jenkins was Elder Cheatham's able assistant during this year of Better Living and Revelation Seminars; Audio visuals and Prison Ministry were two of Elder Cheatham's special interests. The Fifty Plus Club, involving the seniors of the church, became active and added an extra dimension to the lives of our senior members.
1990's - The 1990's are years of progress. All the parts finally came together to begin our renovation program. Elder Timothy Henderson came to Ebenezer bringing his unique management style and cooperative spirit. The results were a number of progressive steps forward. Elder Henderson gives 100 percent cooperation to the present renovation program and is involved in many community projects. Everyone rejoiced to see the elevator installed and operating.

The entire congregation has been watching the renovation and eagerly waiting its completion. Meanwhile, the Sunday Brunch, a program providing a Sunday meal and free clothing for the homeless, was begun by  Herbert and Doris Coleman under the auspices of the Personal Ministries Department. Recently the church was given a school bus and purchased a new van. Even as Ebenezer enjoys the blessings of God, its members continue to nurture at home and share abroad. A new Pre- Pathfinders group called the Adventurers for ages 6-9 has started and is now operating. A new Children's Choir was started, has new red and white robes and a busy schedule. This group sings regularly on the third Sabbath of each month. A new Young Adult Choir has begun and will soon make its debut. There is also a new program called Regeneration to help people with various addictions. Ebenezer members are committed to spreading the gospel in their area through Prison Ministry, visitations, distribution of clothing and food baskets, Bible studies, health screenings and many other avenues that God opens for his use.

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