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Churches Started By Ebenezer Church Members


Brother James H. Street, Sr. and Brother B.D. Warner sold hundreds of dollars worth of books in the Harrisburg area to start a growing interest in the Seventh-day Adventist way of life. Bible studies were given and people were made ready for baptism. The Pastor of Ebenezer, Elder J.E. Cox, came to the area and conducted two baptisms; one in 1931 and another in 1932. After the baptism in 1932, and as a result of the lay members of Ebenezer Church, the Harrisburg Church was organized.
The Norristown Church has been organized twice. The church began as a Bible Study group in 1932. Brother Charles Holmes and his wife Willie were the Bible instructors. Elder J.E. Cox was the Pastor of Ebenezer. Brother and Sister Holmes, with others helping, taught and nurtured this group until they became a church. Unfortunately, the loss of members through death, moving elsewhere, and other circumstances caused the church to close in 1944. Brother and Sister James H. Street, Sr. were the last remaining members. When they moved their membership back to Ebenezer in 1945, the church was  officially disbanded.
The church began again the late 1960's with the last former member, Brother James H. Street, as the Bible instructor. The work and effort of Sister Grace Smith, Brother Street Sr. and others resulted in a new start, a new congregation and a new church building. 

Mrs. Ada Hampton was Home Missionary Leader when this church was formed. She sent Brother Jacob Wright to the Elmwood Area to lead a prayer band. The interest grew until the assistant pastor of the Ebenezer Church, Elder F. Slater, was sent to help. A church was formed and began operation at 8601 Eastwick Avenue. The church began with 34 members.
The history of the Coatesville Church began with John and Nancy Washington. They moved from Marion, South Carolina to Coatesville in 1936 and found that they were the only Adventists in the area. John Washington visited Ebenezer many times but did not bring his membership to this church. In fact, he was encouraged by Elder Rowe and Brother H.D. Warner to stay in Coatesville and start a work there. Brother Washington decided to follow their advice.
Brother Warner launched a very active colporteur work in that area. He and Elder Rowe were frequent visitors to the Washington home where Bible studies and meetings were being held. According to Sister Washington, they were always encouraging them to stay there and continue working. The support and encouragement continued through other pastors and members until Coatesville became a church in the Allegheny Conference in 1946.
Colporteur work was stated in Chester area as early as 1929 Brother P.C. Winley and others started colporteur work in Chester area as early as 1929 from the Ebenezer Church. But it was not until 1947 that the Ebenezer Church started a branch Sabbath School. Elder Monroe A. Burgess was the Pastor. Brother Raphael Ginyard was the Bible instructor for the group and Brother. Reeves became the first Sabbath School Superintendent. In 1949, the Chester group, which started as a branch Sabbath School, became a church.
1955- NORTH P                          1955 – NORTH PHILADELPHIA
This church was formed after a tent effort was held by Ebenezer's Pastor, Elder V.A. Thompson. The effort was held on Columbia Avenue near 23rd Street and resulted in over 100 converts. With a group taken from the Ebenezer congregation to act as officers and leaders, this church began with about 150 members.

The Willow Grove Church started as a Branch Sabbath School in 1944. Brother Ernest Williams was the Sabbath School Superintendent. Brother Richard Chapman, who lived in the area, was a valuable assistant. Others who had a major part in the venture were Brother George Dennis, Brother Benjamin Dennis, and Brother Rollins. In 1957, Elder Wilmot Fordham conducted a tent effort, which led to the organization of the Church.


Ebenezer started a Branch Sabbath School in Newtonville, New Jersey in 1942. Elder Frank L. Bland was the Pastor of the church Brother Ernest Williams the Sabbath School Superintendent Sister Frances Jones was the Secretary Sister Geneva Freeman the Assistant Secretary, and Sister Lelia Medley the Extension Division Leader.
In 1944 a building fund was   started and in 1948, Brother Henry T. Palmer moved to the Newtonville area and donated property on which the church building was constructed in 1958 and on April 1, 1960, the group was organized into a church.
Elder Alfred R. Jones was the Pastor of Ebenezer and conducted a successful evangelistic campaign in Germantown. A special feature of the effort was the Community Choir, which include members of the community as well as members of Ebenezer Church. At the close of the campaign a selected group of members from the Ebenezer congregation were asked to join the new believes to form the Germantown Church.
Elder Alfred R. Jones began this church with the help of a group of dedicated laymen from Ebenezer. Brother Carl Scriven and Brother Ernest Keith were among those who pioneered this work. It was the goal of Elder Jones to start a new church or working area each year. He often said that he had come to break up the church. He meant that he would like to break up the church into many smaller parts for a wider dispersion of the gospel.
Ebenezer is within an international body of churches called Seventh -Day-Adventist. Our church is one of the eighty-two churches, which constitute the Allegheny East Conference. The Allegheny East Conference is a part of the Columbia Union Conference which has eight local conferences in its jurisdiction. The Columbia Union Conference is a part of the North American Division, which includes the United Stated and Canada. The North American Division in one of ten divisions worldwide, which comprise The General Conference of Seventh-Day-Adventists.
The mission of the Seventh-Day-Adventist Church is the mission of Ebenezer:
            1. To tell all mankind about the love of God through His Son Jesus Christ.
            2. To warn all mankind of a soon coming Saviour and the judgment;
            3. To prepare all mankind through a loving, teaching ministry.
                                                                                                                        Ervin T. Glenn

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